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We’re all about providing transformative yet enabling technologies.

Kyperr Connect
  • Alarm Monitoring

    We''ll make sure that we help monitor alarm systems that have been installed by Kyperr Connect to help add another layer of security

  • Smart Cameras

    We offer top of the range, smart cameras that make use of the emerging technology of AI.

  • Motion Sensor

    Let's make use of motion sensors together

  • Custom Pricing

    We'll help tailor pricing for your needs, and your budget.

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Secure Your Home With Our Smart Technologies

Kyperr Connect brings security systems offers a comprehensive line of security and video surveillance solutions

Our Team

Our Professional Team

Likwa Moyo

Likwa Moyo

Likwa "Lee" Moyo is the director and co-founder of Kyperr Connect
Likwa and Sitho Moyo

Likwa and Sitho Moyo

Mr and Mrs Moyo, the founders of Kyperr Connect
Sitho Moyo

Sitho Moyo

Sitho Moyo, the founder of Kyperr Connect

Kyperr Connect Timeline

A Timeline of Innovation and Disruption in the Security Industry